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 The code is the system settings - settings (system of rules). Ethics are norms of behavior, and it is considered unethical if in accordance with the rules that guide the behavior of the human good. While journalism is a profession in the activity of writing news or journalism. Code of Conduct is a norm accepted by certain groups to guide behavior.

Code of Conduct is a set of professional ethics of journalism and the press are set by the board. Press ethics is ethics of everyone involved in the activities of the press, consisting of the obligation of the press, good and bad, right and press the press that govern the behavior of the press.

Sources press ethics is the moral state of the knowledge of good news and bad, right and wrong, proper and improper for people - people who are involved in the activities of the press.

Code of Conduct has traits - traits include:

1.   Code of Conduct created and compiled by the relevant professional organizations. In accordance with the rules of the organization and not from outsiders.

2.   Sanctions for violating the code of conduct is not criminal, but rather a moral or morally binding on the members of the group.

3.   Coverage of a code of conduct applies only to members of the organization who have a code of conduct not in other organizations.

Code of Conduct has a function as:

1.   Means of social control, which not only regulate the relationship between fellow members of the profession, but also can regulate the relationship between members of professional organizations and communities.

2.   Prevent the control and intervention of other parties, including the government or a particular group of people.

Code of ethics of the press has 3 modes clarification, namely Indonesian journalist code of ethics, code of practice for the press media and journalistic ethics.

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