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 Jobs and products Journalism broadcast through electronic devices, including radio (via aerial / satellite, cable and Internet), television (via aerial / satellite, cable and Internet) and, as recent developments is through the Internet itself. Broadcast journalism products contain elements of the image (either static or moving / living), visual text and / or voice (Broadcasting Law No. 32/2002)

The strength of the TV Journalism

TV is known as the most influential medium of communication for journalistic product. In many countries, the TV is the main source of news for its residents. And audio-visual aspect is also greatly impacted put the TV news, in every audience is seen as more persuasive (Marshall McLuhan described as "the medium is the message", Understanding Media). Television news is considered more attractive for a variety of visual (beauty shoots, action, schock), dg short soundbite (20 sec) and dynamic editing (fast cuts). TV journalism is growing very rapidly in Indonesia since the 1998 Reform.

Journalism is a job of responsibility and requires freedom. Because, without the freedom of a journalist is hard to do its job. However, liberated without responsibility is plunged into practice jurnlistik reporters that filthy, degrading the dignity of journalists. That is why both in developed countries and developing countries the requirements for becoming a journalist feels very heavy. Journalists should really be keeping behavior in journalistic activities in accordance with the existing rules, which in accordance with the code of journalistic ethics, and Act (Act) Release No. 40 of 1999.

Code of Ethics should be a moral basis. Determination tegakanya code of conduct to ensure the freedom of the press as well as the fulfillment of rights - the rights of society. Journalists have the freedom of the press freedom to seek, obtain and disseminate ideas and information. However, freedom here is limited to the obligation to respect the norms of religion and a sense of public decency.